Exhibitions Special Offer 2023

Special Offer – One Week Exhibition

Special offer for solo and collective exhibitions in two variants: self-service or exhibition with service.
In this offer there are only a few periods available for this offer:

1/ October 12-19, 2023
2/ October 19-26, 2023
3/ November 9-16, 2023
4/ November 30 -December 7, 2023

The selected period of gallery availability is from Thursday from 12:00 until next Thursday until 11:00, including time for assembling and dismantling the exhibition and cleaning the gallery before leaving it.

Before you start applying, read the rules and prepare the following:
– An artist´s statement/ BIO in a doc or pdf file or a short artistic group description.
– Photos of artworks: jpeg or png files, max 1 MB. Attach to the application 3 examples of artworks that you would like to present at the exhibition.
– Links to video or sound files – related to the exhibition project
– Captions for paintings: name, title, technique, size, year, price
– A brief description of the exhibition concept, number of artworks, average sizes
– Check your calendar and make sure your chosen date is good for you. Also, choose an alternative date.

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Types of Art Exhibitions – full offer: Check here

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The dates given indicate the availability of the gallery and include the assembly, disassembly, and cleaning time from Thursday. 12:00 to next Thursday at 11:00. Currently, only these two promotional dates are available.
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