Soap bubbles – Mag Blue art exhibition

Soap bubbles – Mag Blue art exhibition

Soap Bubbles - Mag Blue art Exhibition

Soap bubbles – Mag Blue art exhibition 🫧🫧🫧

🫧 Vernissage: November 24, at 18.30

🫧 Exhibition open until December 8, 2023

Soap bubbles 🫧, depending on the context, may have different meanings. The first associations are children’s joy, fun, and nostalgia for these carefree feelings. When we look at them, we think of ephemeral beauty. In interpersonal relationships and business, soap bubbles 🫧 symbolize exaggeration of facts, empty promises, or, for example, unrealistic visions. They can also be a metaphor for unfulfilled dreams and desires. For the artist, one of the most essential meanings she gives to them is joy, freedom, and lightness in life 🫧🫧🫧

Mag Blue will present a new version of acrylic paintings from the Body Language series, works on paper from the surreal digital art category, and photographs and drawings during the exhibition. Artworks’ literal and metaphorical common denominator is the titular soap bubbles.

Exhibition Patrons:

Alex Colard Gallery, Art exhibitions in Stockholm, Charity Art Expo, Designer Magazine.

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On November 25-26, 2023, this exhibition will also be presented as part of Konstrunda Midsommarkransen!

Mag Blue

Born November 1, 1972

She took her first photographs and sculpted in wax as a teenager. In 2001, she started painting oil paintings and watercolors. Since 2008, she has been running a business in Poland as an interior designer, art journalist, editor-in-chief of the Art Imperium cultural portal, producer of art exhibitions and competitions, juror of art contests, visual artist, and photographer.

Since 2020, the artist has lived and worked as a visual artist, photographer, and organizer of artistic events in Sweden. In 2022, she opened the Royal Blue Visual Arts Gallery in Stockholm.

Mag was a member of several artistic and photographic associations. She belongs to the following art communities: Saatchi Art Gallery – USA, Artmajeur – France, and Konstrunda Midsommarkransen – Sweden.

She has over 250 artistic projects and several valuable awards, including the Diploma for Merits from the Minister of Culture and National Cultural Heritage in 2019.

Her artworks are regularly exhibited almost all over the world.

Apart from Art Imperium, several dozen of her articles about art, design, and her artistic projects have been published in such magazines as Villa, Residences, Gentleman, Interior and Garden, Elity, Przedsię, Puls Biznesu, Pangea Magazine, Stockholm Designer Magazine,, etc.

In addition to many exhibition catalogs, Mag artworks have appeared in the Album on the 30th anniversary of the ZAP – Polish Artists’ Union in 2020, Nordic Art Guide 2023, and European Art Guide 2023.