Royal Blue 2023 – Exhibition of Open Call Finalists


Royal Blue 2023 – Finalists Exhibition of the International Open Call

The contest’s theme was Royal Blue – the color from which the name of the gallery comes and which Wikipedia defines as a deep and vivid shade of blue. Legends say it was created in England by clothiers in Rode, Somerset, whose consortium won a competition to make a dress for Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines royal blue as a “deep, vibrant blue,” while the Cambridge English Dictionary defines it as a “strong light blue color,” and the Collins English Dictionary defines it as a “dark blue color.” American dictionaries describe it as more akin to purple, such as “deep vivid reddish or purplish blue” (Webster’s New World College Dictionary) or “vivid purple blue” (Merriam-Webster).

We love them all! And you?

Vernissage: March 1, 2024 at 18:30.

During the opening, there will be an official awarding of prizes to the winners and diplomas to the Finalists:

Anastasiia Dushak * Andrea London * Anneli Pietikäinen * Edyta Dzierz * Fran Speicher * Jenny Jansson * John Potter * Katarzyna Rosłon-Mazgaj * Leena Møller * Luciano Caggianello * Maike Pichler * Mark A. Dierker * Martyna Jach * Radostina Dimitrova

Grand Prix Open Call Royal Blue 2023 – Robert Kuzmicz/ RAK-Photo.


Exhibition in our gallery duration: March 2 – 16, 2024.

VR Exhibition duration: March 11 – April 10, 2024

Exhibition where we will exhibit painting, photography, ceramics, installations, digital, and recycling art. Artworks by artists from the USA, Italy, Great Britain, Austria, Poland and Sweden.



Exhibition Patrons:

Alex Colard Gallery, Art Exhibitions in Stockholm, Charity Art Expo, DESIGNER Magazine Stockholm


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VR Exhibition

Photo report from the vernissage in the gallery: