Database: Recommended books

Recommended books

The path of an artist can be complicated and we are often looking for support, guidance and encouragement, so we would like to recommend you a few things that may be valuable to you.

Remember that I do not take responsibility for the results of using the content or tools provided. These are just suggestions I use or have used in the past or that I am testing or plan to test. I also reserve the right to change these recommendations. I cooperate with some companies like Amazon, so I must indicate they sponsor some content. But remember, it is the only reason I recommend something because it was attractive to me, which may also be attractive to you. 🙂

I wish you an enjoyable exploration. – Mag Nilsson

There are plenty of books for Artists and Photographers. How do you pick out the most interesting ones? It’s not easy because each of us has different needs and is at a different stage of development or career. See for yourself what resonates with you: