Portrait photo sessions

Portrait photo sessions of individuals, children, couples, family, friends, as well as pets, can be an extraordinary souvenir and a memory that captures special moments, a time to which we will return with fondness. Such a session by Mag Blue can also be an excuse to change your image or improve your mood for longer. It can also be an attractive gift.

SocialMediaExpress 15 min

Photos for use on the Internet, i.e. for a website / social media. 1 Own outfit, 1 single color background: white, black or blue. A package of selected 2 high-resolution photographs with basic retouching delivered via email in colour and black & white.
SEK 1500 incl. VAT*

Portrait photo session 60 min

Standard portrait session. Up to 3 own outfits, any background selected from the studio’s offer when determining the details of the session. A package of selected 6 high-resolution photographs with basic retouching delivered via email in color and black & white.
SEK 4 750 incl. VAT*

Limited offer: Thematic Mini Photo Sessions 30 min

Thematic photo sessions are our special limited offer. One theme, one staging appropriate to the theme, a more attractive price in a specific time period and for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, All Dogs’ Day and Cat’s Day, Easter, Christmas, or other occasions to celebrate. A package of selected 3 high-resolution color photographs with basic retouching delivered via email. Follow our calendar or subscribe to the Newsletter: For Art Lovers.
SEK 1 450 incl. VAT*

ART Photo Session 90 min

ART package – about 90 minutes Creative photo session, e.g. portrait, boudoir, nude. Up to 3 own outfits / color concepts, lighting effects depending on the concept. A package of selected 9 high-resolution photographs with edition delivered via email in color and black & white. As part of the session, special staging, accessories, body painting or other special photo effects are possible. Depending on the concept and possible additional budget, the organization will take care of the photographer, you on your own or together with the photographer.
SEK 5 900 incl. VAT*

*Extra costs:

+ 700 SEK session outside the studio, in the Stockholm area. Outside Stockholm, individual pricing.

+ 15% session on weekdays after 6:00 p.m

+ 25% session on weekends/holidays

Make-up and hairstyle are an additional cost of about 1500 SEK, incl. VAT, depending on the type of session.

Payment: 1/2 of the agreed price is payable upon booking confirmation. Remaining cost, possible additional fees + fee for additional photo prints payable at the end of the session by swish.

Order fulfillment: Your photos will be ready up to 14 days after the session. More advanced photo retouching or artistic editing may require more time.

Preparation: Arrive 15 minutes early for your session to get ready, relax, have a cup of coffee/tea, and talk about the photos for a while. Bring your nose powder, hairbrush/comb. You can bring your props related to the topic to each session.

For more advanced sessions, I recommend meeting in advance to discuss set design, props, and other details of the planned session.