Open Call: Påskens Magi – Art & Crafts Jury Exhibition

Open Call: Påskens Magi 2024 - Art & Crafts Jury Exhibition


Applications for this Exhibition are accepted until March 5, 2024.

This is the season when nature comes alive after winter, and creativity and imagination flourish!

We invite artists, photographers, and artisans.

We are delighted to announce our upcoming collective art and craft exhibition, ‘Påskens Magi,’ which is set to dazzle and inspire this fantastic season.

Applications for this Exhibition are accepted until March 5, 2024.
Exhibition date: March 22 – April 7, 2024.

Create a captivating exhibition of diverse arts and crafts with us at the Royal Blue Visual Arts Gallery. A VR exhibition with global reach will accompany the exhibition in our gallery.

See you at “Påskens Magi”!


Events patrons:

Alex Colard Gallery, Art exhibitions in Stockholm, Charity Art Expo, Designer Magazine Stockholm.


Before you start applying, read the rules and prepare the following:
– An artist’s statement/ BIO in a doc or pdf file.
– Photos of artworks: jpeg or png files, max 1 MB. Attach to the application 3 examples of artworks that you would like to present at the Exhibitions.
– Captions for paintings: name, title, technique, size, year, price

No Entry Fee. The participation fee is 1500 SEK, payable upon confirmation of Participation in the Exhibitions.

Apply here:

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Open call rules:

Project conditions:

§ 1
Introduction to terminology:

1. Organizer: Royal B AB, owner of the Royal Blue Visual Arts Gallery.
2. Curator of the Exhibitions: Mag Nilsson.
3. Gallery: Royal Blue Visual Arts Gallery, LM Ericssons Väg 1, 12636 Hägersten, Stockholm, Sweden.
4. Artist: Professional or Amateur Artist, Photographer, Artisan, etc., applying in this Open Call and having full copyright to the submitted Artwork.
5. Applicant: Artist over 18 years of age, with at least two years of artistic achievements, who has applied to participate in the Exhibition.
6. Participant: Applicant qualified to participate in the Exhibitions.
7. Artwork: painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, crafts, design, jewelry, etc.
8. Exhibition – an event in the Royal Blue Visual Arts Gallery.
9. VR Exhibition – 3D/Virtual Reality Exhibition online
10. Applying is free of charge. The cost of participation in Exhibitions is SEK 1,500. Paid immediately after confirmation of participation in exhibitions.

§ 2
Project conditions and dates:

1. Sending an application is not tantamount to qualifying for the Exhibitions. We care about quality and artistic diversity, and the exhibitions space is limited. Therefore, we reserve the right to select Participants and Artworks.

2. The works attached to the application are examples of the Applicant’s Works of Art. The number of Works presented at the Exhibition depends on the medium and size. The number of works will be determined individually with each Participant. As a reference point, you can use, for example, about 5 80×100 images or even a dozen or so small ones. Of course, other criteria apply to ceramics, sculpture, and, for example, jewelry. For this type of Exhibition, we recommend smaller sizes of works of art at affordable prices, but this is not a condition.
The exhibition space of the Gallery is irregular, so it is difficult for us to determine precisely the size of the area intended for one artist.
The Gallery always tries to present the works of individual artists and the entire exhibition attractively.

3. Applications:
– Applications will be closed by March 5, 2024, and emails confirming Participation will be sent no later than March 8.
– Applications will be considered on an ongoing basis, so the order in which they are submitted may be important.

4. After qualifying for the Exhibition:
– Participants will receive an email with detailed information. We ask the Participant to send invoice data, a photo of the Artist’s image, and a short BIO of up to 300 characters for marketing and promotional purposes.
– Participants will receive an email with detailed information and a payment link.
– We will contact the Participant to discuss the number and sizes of Artworks presented and ask for a list of all established Artworks with descriptions: Name, title, technique, size, and price (if Artworks are for sale).
– We will ask you to generate and send us a signed QR Code for Swish to be printed on the Artist’s information note. Code size 3-5cm.

5. Artworks should be delivered to the Gallery on March 18, between 12.00-18.00, or on another mutually agreed date before March 18. Delivered Artwork must be signed on the back and ready to hang (equipped with hook links on the back) or prepared for other presentations.

6. Assembly of the Exhibition is with the Participants on March 20-21, 10.00-18.00. The participant’s presence during the assembly of the exhibition is only necessary for unusual types of works of art, such as installations. In the event of the Participant’s absence during the exhibition assembly, the Participant obligatorily accepts the form, place of presentation, and the solutions used unquestionably.

7. Exhibition opening: March 22, 2024, 18.30. During the vernissage, the Participants will be officially presented with Certificates of Participation in the project. Participants absent during vernissage may collect the Certificate on any other day of the Exhibition or when collecting Artwork at the end of the Exhibition.

8. The Exhibition has a curatorial character. Therefore, the presence of Participants is expected during the vernissage. On other days, the curator, Mag Nilsson, supervised the exhibition.

9. VR Exhibition/ 3D exhibition online will present a maximum of 21 artworks in total.

10. In this Project, the Organizer does not charge a sales commission. Customers pay directly to the Artist via f.e., SWISH or PayPal.

11. The Participant should be prepared to provide additional Artwork during the Exhibition in place of those sold.

12. Deadline for collecting Artworks: April 8-9, 2024, at 12:00-18:00. Alternatively, another date is agreed upon individually.

The Gallery does not have a warehouse, so Artwork not collected on time and in the agreed manner will be removed from the Gallery. This will involve additional individual costs of storage, packaging, and transport.

Failure to collect the works on time, failure to agree on the method of collection of the Artworks, and inability to accept the terms of receipt beyond the standard rules described above uncollected works will be considered abandoned, and the Gallery will donate them as a charitable or destroy them.

§ 3

Gallery equipment:
– professional suspension systems for paintings
– professional, adjustable gallery lighting
– countertops and display tables
– TV 32″ to present artists and their art

§ 4


1. The Organizer has valid gallery insurance and exhibition insurance at The responsibility of the Organizer is at the level of insurance. The amount of the “Reduction” is on the side of the Participant who suffered a possible loss.

2. The Gallery is equipped with the VERISURE monitoring system.

§ 5

Final arrangements:

1. The Participant agrees to participate and use the name or artistic nickname, and likeness of the Artist and the submitted Works for the Exhibition for advertising and promotional purposes regarding the Open Call and the Exhibitions and future events as a portfolio of gallery projects without additional remuneration.

2. The Participant will receive a refund if he submits his resignation by email no later than 14 days before the start of the Exhibitions.

3. The Organizer reserves the right to change or not change the promotional or marketing content created before the Participant’s resignation, containing the Participant’s name, if it will involve costs or any loss for other Participants or the Organizer, such as withdrawing the advertisement from printing or payment for changes in the design and/or production of new materials.

4. In unforeseeable situations, when the Exhibition is canceled due to the Organizer’s fault, and if it is impossible to change the exhibition date, the Organizer declares to return the Fee to the Participants. In such a situation, Participants are not entitled to any compensation.

§ 6

In matters not covered by these regulations, please contact Gallery.

The Law

The full text of the GDPR Privacy Policy.

This Agreement shall be governed by and constructed by the laws of Sweden.
Any not resolved amicably dispute, controversy, or claim arising out of or in connection with this contract, or the breach, termination, or invalidity thereof, shall be referred to Mediation, and if not effective, then to a Swedish court of general jurisdiction and the Stockholm District Court (Stockholms tingsrätt).
The language to be used in Mediation and Arbitration proceedings shall be English.


Due to the implementation of exhibitions in a short time, between other projects, and under tremendous pressure, please be open-minded and aware that everything might not go perfectly according to plan. Still, we do our best for the best Exhibitions, so focus on Gratitude and Positive Attitude.