Blurry is a state of mind – ROMACKY digital art, photo, and video art exhibition

Blurry is a state of mind – ROMACKY digital art, photo, and video art exhibition


Royal Blue Visual Arts Gallery

Vernissage: October 20, 2023 at 6:30 pm

Exhibition in the Gallery and VR exhibition: October 20 – November 18,  at 12:00-6:00 pm

Curator of the exhibition Magdalena Nilsson.

LM Ericssons Väg 1

12636 Hägersten, Stockholm


VR Exhibition:

Romacky – photographer, filmmaker, graphic designer, experimenting with various expression techniques across many media. The cinematic composition of the frame can be felt in his films, photographs, and graphics. He often uses very bright lenses dedicated to fashion photography in reportage photography or architecture lenses for fashion shots, e.g., tilt-shift and wide-angle lenses. Why? The idea is to capture the subject non-literally, enhancing the dynamics of the photos and, of course, the depth of blur. This ideology of ROMACKY is visible in almost all media he works with. 

The graphics clearly show the fascination with Japanese watercolor. A visit to Japan sealed his love for Japanese art from an early age. Therefore, in his artworks, the image, theme, composition, and color are important, and the form of presentation is essential. Limited to 10 copies, the graphics series are prepared on 100% cotton Fabriano paper, and in addition to the signature, each graphic has a unique Hanko stamp made to order in Japan. Reportage photography resulted in cooperation with magazines such as Newsweek. Fashion photographs have earned publications in Italian Vogue. 

Romacky has had several solo exhibitions and Grand Press nominations. Publications, including Fakty TVN and Arte TV, provided film coverage. As a photojournalist and cameraman, he documented training ground exercises and other exercises of anti-terrorists, police officers, and soldiers. Transplant teams registered in operating rooms. His portfolio also includes reports on life in Japan. His sense of aesthetics was shaped by horse riding, kendo, sailing, and climbing. As a rider, he took part in two films, Colonel Chabert with Gerad Depardieu. He has been an activist for vegans and animals for many years. 

Exhibition Patrons:

Alex Colard Gallery, Art exhibitions in Stockholm, Charity Art Expo, Designer Magazine.



The SOMMAR I KONSTPENSEL 2023 contest winners will be awarded diplomas during the opening.
In the Short Video Category: Grand Prix – Felix Lundquist
In the Photo Report Category: Grand Prix – Renata Rosén
Special Awards for Best Photo: Lucyna Wachnicka and Monika Rosiak

Contest Organizer:
Royal Blue Visual Arts Gallery

Alex Collard Galleri
The Designer
Gallery Zebra
Royal Blue Visual Arts Gallery