Publishing: HIQU Art & Photo Prints

Publishing announcement: HIQU Art & Photo Prints

HIQU Art & Photo Prints guide book by Mag Nilsson

Take your photos, fine art prints, or giclée to the next level together with your artwork and sell them as art. Here, you’ll find tips on preparing your files for high-quality fine art printing, from taking photos to editing files with ICC profiles to paper selection and print types. You’ll also find out how to price, sign, describe, and catalog artworks and what features they should have. Be inspired and revise or create a strategy that works for you and produces your desired results.

Many of the topics covered in this text are only touched upon. More knowledge about them can be found, if only on the Internet. My goal is to highlight various factors in a specific, sometimes controversial and, hopefully, in a context that inspires development.

Book Patrons: Alex Colard, Art Exhibitions in Stockholm, ArtyNet Global, Charity Art Expo, The Designer Magazine Stockholm, Lotta Tamba, Royal Blue Visual Arts Gallery


English edition: read more and buy

Edycja Polska: znajdz wiecej informacji i kup

Licensed online courses based on this book will be available soon.


This book may be of value to you if:

1. You are a professional visual artist, photographer, or amateur, and you:

• Don’t sell much or are just starting to sell your fine art prints or giclée.
• Know you’re tremendous but feel your art is undervalued or have trouble pricing your work.
• Are you an artist from the analog era who lacks knowledge and skills about digital solutions, modern printing options, paper types, or how to adapt to and benefit from them?
• Are young artist and lack a reference to the professional classics of art printing.
• Are you looking for a starting point for pricing your artwork and sales strategy?
• Want to rethink your sales strategy for the art market?
• Don’t know how to justify your prices to the client and how to avoid discussions on the subject.
• Use a laser printer or any other ordinary printer under the banner of photo and print on regular paper; you are not satisfied with the results and wonder how long your work will last in decent quality or if you would like to spread your wings in this subject and go to the next level.
• Want to present, sign, describe, and professionally catalog your work and need inspiration?
• Want to achieve a synergy between the classics and the possibilities of the contemporary art market.
• Don’t feel appreciated when you sell your work in photo banks or other photo/art portals for a low commission.

2. You are a tutor, exhibition curator, art gallery representative, or art assistant, and you feel it’s worth exploring

• A new study regarding the current possibilities of printing, paper, a compilation of classic and contemporary artistic standards, and in terms of building a strategy for selling prints, quality, and pricing;
• Perhaps a different point of view and get additional arguments to engage in a constructive discussion with your artists, photographers, and clients.

I hope this publication will inspire you to increase sales of photography and digital art in the context of the artwork.

– Mag Nilsson