We operate the Royal Blue Visual Arts Gallery in Stockholm and the Royal Blue VR online gallery to organize solo and group exhibitions, prize competitions, juries, and thematic exhibitions.

We are working to bring back the tradition of attending vernissages, which has recently dispersed into open days and weekends. We try to make the vernissages in our gallery always memorable. So that the curator of the exhibition could present the artist and his art so that the artist had his official “5 minutes” and then continued individual polemics if anyone wanted to enter the discourse. So that there are surprises for guests and exciting time spent with art.
Therefore, remember to write in your calendar this special day and time of the vernissage, the moment the artist/artists have been preparing for several weeks, months, and maybe even years. The world is much more exciting and valuable thanks to artists and art!

Appreciate the artists with your presence at vernissages! We are waiting for you!



Art lovers are invited to Real & Virtual Reality Exhibitions, Konstrunda’s, and other events.

We invite you also to our Photo Studio for photo sessions.



Artists are welcome to For Artist area. Here you will find the conditions of exhibitions, contests, other artistic events, art & photo printing offers, courses, exceptional guides, portrait & artworks photo sessions, recommendations, and other possibilities.



Photographers are welcome to the For Photographers area. Here, you will find the conditions of exhibitions, contests, art photo printing offered, courses, guides, photography meetings, studio rentals, and other possibilities.

Photography in Stockholm

Photo Studio

We invite you to portrait, classic, artistic, image, and thematic photo sessions in an intimate studio or outdoors. You can come solo, with a partner, with family and friends. We welcome pets such as cats and dogs.

If you are looking for an original gift, a Gift Voucher for a photo session can be a unique surprise.

Photographers are welcome to the For Photographers area. There, you will find information about the possibilities we have for you: renting a studio for your sessions, artistic and professional photography prints, exhibitions, guides, courses, and photo meetings.

Potential Opportunities

We support Artists and Photographersin their artistic development on their career path.

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News & Article

  • Royal Blue 2023 – Exhibition of Open Call Finalists

    Royal Blue 2023 – Exhibition of Open Call Finalists

    Royal Blue 2023 – Finalists Exhibition of the International Open Call The contest’s theme was Royal Blue – the color from which the name of the gallery comes and which Wikipedia defines as a deep and vivid shade of blue. Legends say it was created in England by clothiers in Rode, Somerset,…

  • Open Call: Påskens Magi – Art & Crafts Jury Exhibition

    Open Call: Påskens Magi – Art & Crafts Jury Exhibition

      Applications for this Exhibition are accepted until March 5, 2024. This is the season when nature comes alive after winter, and creativity and imagination flourish! We invite artists, photographers, and artisans. We are delighted to announce our upcoming collective art and craft exhibition, ‘Påskens Magi,’ which is set to dazzle and…

  • International Open Call: Cyber World Art 2023

    International Open Call: Cyber World Art 2023

      Entries for this Open Call are accepted until March 26, 2024. The theme is open. 🎨✨ Calling All Digital, AI, NFT Artists! ✨🎨 Join us in our Open Call for artists like you to showcase your talents in digital, AI, and NFT art! As the curator of this project, I invite…



Artistic prints and professional photographs deserve prints of the right quality so we can get involved individually for each order. In our offer, you will find a printout and the ability to support the entire process, from preparing files and selecting settings through selecting paper appropriate to the expected results, pass-partout, after embossing stamp, and gallery certificate.

Having experience in organizing art exhibitions in this field, we can also support the entire production process of the exhibition, regardless of whether it will be an exhibition in our gallery or elsewhere.


The papers that we use for printing give a whole range of various creative possibilities, so we invite you not only to see, but also to feel the differences between the types of papers from our offer.

Color, structure, material, applied effect, and weight are worth seeing in real life and feeling. Therefore, we invite you to a short presentation.
However, if you need to gain more knowledge in artistic and high-quality photo prints, we invite you to our course.