Display your photos and other prints – rent our gallery in Stockholm

Show your photos or other prints – rent our gallery in Stockholm

  • Would you like to present your art at the Royal Blue Visual Arts Gallery in Stockholm? You have several options:
  • take part in our competitions and open calls to jury exhibitions and other events such as Konstrunda
  • exhibit individually or with your group of artists – rent our gallery.

We will activate the Members Area soon. For members of our community there will be discounts and various additional values. Discover our current two offers: 

Depending on your needs, you can order an exhibition from us, e.g. personalized HIQU prints of your works in museum quality with their backs in black frames with a white passe partout for the duration of the exhibition. After the exhibition, you can pick up the unframed prints in person or we will send them to you.
We also offer options to use our studio equipment like lamps, photo backdrops, etc. So you can take photos during the exhibition.


Gallery rental prices start at €600 per week. See the detailed offer on the computer. Mobile devices may not support this option properly.


The promotional offer applies to exhibitions that will take place before September 7, 2023

Basic Package

Package Standard

Extra Package


(Thu-Sun) with time for assembly and disassembly of the exhibition


(Thu-Wed) with time for assembly and disassembly of the exhibition


(Thu-Wed) with time for assembly and disassembly of the exhibition




























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Commission on sales for the gallery

Host during the entire exhibition.

The curator of the exhibition will be present at the vernissage, unless other arrangements are made before the exhibition or unforeseen circumstances occur.

Accessible gallery space with exhibition equipment in Royal Blue Visual Arts Gallery

VR exhibition 1 month + exhibition recording published on You Tube + VR exhibition certificate given to the artist during the vernissage + publication on the website and in social media + – Online catalog of the exhibition – PDF downloadable online for exhibition visitors.

Exhibition certificate given to the artist during the vernissage. At group shows, certificates for all participants at €8 each.

Publication of the provided text and graphics/poster on the gallery’s website, Facebook Fanpage and Instagram

Display of provided infographics, videos, etc. on a 50″ TV in the main gallery site – prepared in accordance with the technical requirements of the TV.

Displaying provided infographics, graphics, images, videos, etc. on a 32″ TV in the gallery.

Design of infographics to be displayed on a 50″ TV based on the materials provided. Additional 150 SEK / piece.

Facebook event prepared by the Curator based on the content provided.

Sending information about the exhibition / exhibitions in the mailing. 

Publication of the provided text and graphics/ poster on the gallery’s website, Facebook Fanpage and Instagram

Assembly, disassembly of the exhibition and packaging based on individual arrangements

Preparation for printing and printing of captions/prices for art works and poster. In addition, 1 A4 sheet €8, 1 color print, A4, 230g mat

Our prints are customized so you can choose the paper and format. Decide whether they will be with a white margin for the description or not and in what format, circulation.
Additional offer:
– preparation of files for printing in the best quality with individual adjustment of ICC profiles – individual pricing from 10€ each.
– gallery relief stamp confirming the quality of the print and paper, 5€ each.
– a certificate with a relief seal confirming the quality of the print, with a description of the work and a place for the artist’s handwritten signature, 15€ each.

Print offer: https://rbgallery.eu/blog/art-photo-hiqu-prints/

Passe-partout standard to paper size:

A4, 210x297mm – size inside 200×290 mm or 191×277 mm, €6 each

A3, 297x420mm – size inside 290×390 mm or 277×399 mm, €9 each

A2, 420x594mm – size inside 390×490 mm or 400×579 mm, €12 each

printout of an information board about the exhibition and the artist for presentation in the gallery. Photoboard foam: A3, €35. Recommended 2 pieces.

Shipment of artworks optional. Cost = shipping + packaging, individual pricing.

Transportation of art works in Stockholm individual pricing.

Photo report from the vernissage/ exhibition. Digital files. Publication on the website, Facebook and up to 5 photos on Instagram. 

Basic pricing:

  • 5 photos – €120,
  • 10 photos – €200,
  • 20 photos – €380,
  • €30 SEK for each additional photo.