Announce: Mini course for Artists: HIQU Art Prints

Announce: Mini course for Artists: Art Prints

Soon we will announce the first course dates at a promotional price. Subscribe to our newsletter with the For Artists option selected.

Groups of only a few people or individual courses.

The price of the course includes 3 printouts from the provided files prepared on the basis of the guidelines.

An e-book with the full content of this course will also be ready soon. The e-book will be available at only for course participants or people who will buy it.

HIQU ART PRINTS Mini course - Maxi knowledge. Stockholm, Telefonplan.


1. Introduction:

1.1 What is giclee, fine art print, printmaking, a copy of a work of art to the measure of an art work. Facts and myths.

1.1.1 When is a giclee/ fine art print/ print classified as a work of art, and when is it just a low value copy or poster?

1.1.2 LAW.

1.1.3 Differences, old and new art print quality standards. Presentation of the differences with examples.

1.2 Why do we need high-quality digital art files?

1.3 Cataloging works of art.

2. Digitization of works of art for museum-quality prints.

2.1 Scan of a work of art.

2.2 Photography of a work of art – flat forms. camera, smartphone. Presentation.

2.2.1 Where to take pictures.

2.2.2 Light and image and camera placement.

2.2.3 Camera settings.

2.2.4 Preparation of files for printing depending on the printing technology and target size. Tips for Lightroom and Photoshop. ICC profiles.

2.2.5 Preparing files for the Internet.

3. Examples of types of printing papers with different effects. You can’t see it on a computer.

4. How to sign and describe art prints and posters?

4.1 Posters.

4.2 Gicelee / Fine Art Print.

4.3 Collector’s art print – a work of art.

5. Summary and valuation of prints.

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