We organize and host our Royal Blue Visual Arts Gallery in Stockholm and the Royal Blue VR Gallery online with the sale of art works for solo and group exhibitions. In addition, we take part in the Midsommarkransen Konstrunda and organize the Mini Ester & Christmas Market with works of art and handicrafts.

We are working to bring back the tradition of attending vernissages, which in recent years has dispersed into open days and weekends. We try to make the vernissages in our gallery always special. So that the curator of the exhibition could present the artist and his art, so that the artist had his official “5 minutes” and then continued individual polemics if anyone wanted to enter the discourse. So that there are surprises for guests and interesting time spent with art.
Therefore, remember to write down in your calendar this special day and time of the vernissage, the moment for which the artist / artists have been preparing for several weeks, months and maybe even years. It is thanks to artists and art that the world is much more interesting and valuable!

Appreciate the artists with your presence at vernissages! We are waiting for you!



Art lovers are invited to Real & Virtual Reality Exhibitions, Easter or Christmas mini market, Konstrunda’s and other events to appreciate artists with their presence, enjoy art and buy 🙂


We also invite you to our Photo Studio for photo sessions, especially for themed mini sessions such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Children’s Day…



Artists are invited to the Members Area. Here you will find the conditions of exhibitions, contests and other artistic events, art prints offer, courses, special guides, image & art works photo sessions, etc.


Become a Member of our community and take advantage of the opportunities we create!



Photographers are welcome to the Members Area. Here you will find the conditions of exhibitions, contests, art photo prints offer, courses, guides, photography meetings, studio rentals and other possibilities.


Become a Member of our community and take advantage of the opportunities we create!

Photography in Stockholm

Photo Studio

We invite you to portrait, classic, artistic, image and thematic photo sessions, in an intimate studio or outdoors. You can come solo, with a partner, with family and friends. We welcome pets such as cats and dogs.

We also recommend our Mini Thematic sessions, which we organize on various occasions, e.g. Children’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Esther and Christmas, All Dogs Day, Cat Day, etc. These quick photo sessions in one arrangement, on specific days and at a more attractive price can be an amazing souvenir for you and your loved ones.

We also organize fashion, product and business sessions.

If you are looking for an original gift, a Gift Voucher for a photo session can be a unique surprise.

Photographers are welcome to the For Photographers area. There you will find information about the possibilities we have for you: renting a studio for your sessions, artistic and professional photography prints, guides, courses, photo meetings.

Potential Opportunities

For Artists and Photographers we are creating a member area. Basic registration is FREE. Exploring the content and using the potential without registration is limited and may even be blocked, i.e. invisible to non-logged in users.
We want to launch paid packages as soon as possible because they will give the most benefits, such as discounts for organizing and participating in exhibitions, competitions, art prints, courses, access to guides or open invitations to selected events such as photo walks.
Step by step, we build an extraordinary creative potential for you.

Why Choose Us

About us

The Royal Blue Visual Arts Gallery combines a classic gallery and an online Virtual Reality Gallery, as well as an intimate photography studio.

The mission of the Royal Blue Visual Arts Gallery is to promote artists and art and present it to as many audiences as possible. As part of the mission, our plans include solo and group exhibitions, thematic JURY exhibitions and competitions with prizes. In addition to projects organized by us, we offer artists joint participation, under the banner of the gallery, in events such as: art fairs, exhibitions organized in cooperation with galleries from other cities in Sweden and other countries, as well as Konstrundas. read more


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    Vernissage collective exhibition and Konstrunda Midommarkransen in RB

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  • Portrait photo sessions

    Portrait photo sessions

    Portrait photo sessions of individuals, children, couples, family, friends, as well as pets, can be an extraordinary souvenir and a memory that captures special moments, a time to which we […]

  • Area: For Members only

    Area: For Members only

    AREA: For Members Only The aim of our activities is to promote art and artists / photographers and support them on their way to development. By building the Art Lovers […]




offline & online
  • Historians, critics and other visual arts experts to judge contests and/or write critical texts about artistic projects
  • Teachers – courses (real & online) or do you already have your own online course?


offline & online
  • Experts in the field of photography for the jury of photo contests
  • Teachers – photography courses (real & online) do you already have your own online course?
  • Photographers for photo sessions
  • Models & MUA


offline & online
  • Copywriters
  • Personal development coach
  • Others with an interesting idea to increase the potential of our community members.
Be with us!



Artistic prints and professional photographs deserve prints of the right quality, so that we can get involved individually for each order. In our offer you will find not only a printout, but the ability to support the entire process, from preparing files and selecting settings, through the selection of paper appropriate to the expected results, pass-partout, after emboss stamp and gallery certificate.

Having experience in organizing art exhibitions in this field, we can also support the entire production process of the exhibition, regardless of whether it will be an exhibition in our gallery or elsewhere.


The papers that we use for printing give a whole range of various creative possibilities, so we invite you not only to see, but also to feel the differences between the types of papers from our offer.

Color, structure, material, applied effect, weight are worth not only seeing in real life, but also feeling, therefore we invite you to a short presentation.
However, if you need to gain more knowledge in the subject of artistic and high-quality photo prints, we invite you to our course.

Pigment inks